Jamie O’Brien re-signs with Utopia

March 10, 2005 — Los Angeles, CA — Jamie O’Brien re-signs a two-year contract with Utopia® Optics International, Inc.

2004 Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters Champion, Jamie O’Brien, re-signed a two-year exclusive contract with Utopia® Optics. O’Brien has taken the surfing world by storm as the youngest to win the Pipe Masters at the ripe young age of 21. Jamie has been a part of the Utopia® team for the past year and will continue to represent the brand in and out of the water for years to come.

“Jamie is such an amazing surfer with so much style, I just can’t express enough how stoked we are here at Utopia® to have him on board. Jamie simply blows us all away with his surfing talent, says Todd Proffit, Utopia® team manager. Robert Haag, Utopia’s® president added, “We’re looking forward to great things to come out of the growing relationship between Jamie and Utopia®.

Utopia® will be working with Jamie on his own signature series sunglasses to be released in 2006. Thanks to Jamie for being part of the Utopia® family and best of luck this season and seasons to come!

Jamie O’ gives a big mahalo to the Utopia® family & Utopia® Hawaii’s team guy Steve Machin for supporting my surfing. “I am sincerely looking forward to working with Utopia® & their fine line of Shades. So check them out now at your favorite board shop or online at www.utopiaoptics.com! says Jamie.

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