Jamie O’Brien’s Tweaked Tweets

Jamie O'Brien

If he could, it’s a sure bet JOB would be droppin’ Tweets from the lineup…Photo: Bosko

JOB is a Twitter madman. The tweets that spill from his brain by way of "whoisjob" are frequent, and frequently amazing. Ranging from late-night rants to early morning surf reports, JOB tells all and has no filter between his cerebrum and his keyboard. If you want to be entertained, angered, awed, confused, and enlightened, sign up to receive an onslaught of JOB tweets, they come about every 20 minutes or so—be prepared for some tweaked tweets.

Read them for yourself and follow your new media messiah http://twitter.com/whoisjob—Chris Cote

Here are five of my favorite recent tweets from JOB:

"I gotta get back to camp. More surf tomorrow. But before I go, I hate people who like the new Star Trek."—9:26 AM Jun 7th from txt

"The sexual metaphor of barrel riding, while overplayed, is apt."—11:05 AM Jun 6th from txt

"By deep barrels I mean hugging the foam ball, almond eye pinching out the light. But I know how to pump like no one else."
—11:04 AM Jun 6th from txt

"My activities are unusual, I’m naturally in harmony. Grabbing for nothing. Throwing nothing away. Supernatural ability. Amazing activity."—12:22 PM Jun 5th from txt

"The retarded mouse, Ron Paul became a haute label for some. Barack O for everyone else."
—10:52 AM Jun 3rd from txt