Jay Moriarty 197?-2001

Jay Moriarty lived a truly beautiful life. He had something about him that made you feel like you were his best friend. I’m not sure if it was his huge smile or positive attitude that was so infectious, but whatever it was, just being around Jay made people feel good. I remember when he was a little curly-haired kid living a block from the water on 36th Avenue in Santa Cruz, California. No matter what, Jay surfed every day. He seemed immune to the crowds and hassles that come with surfing the Point. Little did we know that Jay had big plans, and he was preparing himself mentally and physically for a spot known as Mavericks.Then came Jay’s infamous wipeout, and his days of working at Pleasure Pizza abruptly came to an end. After that Surfer cover came out, everyone in the world new who Jay Moriarity was. But Jay was humble and stayed close to his friends, knowing that he was still the same person he was before all the hype and fame. Jay would go travel and film, and then come back to his friends on the Point and tell stories so they could live vicariously through him.Jay’s passing hit Santa Cruz hard. Pleasure Point is still kind of in shock it seems. After the news of Jays accident was confirmed, hundreds of people gathered on the point to say goodbye to him, and to support his wife Kim. A huge shrine was built on the Point in Jay’s honor. A few days later, thousands of people showed up to paddle out and pay their respects. Three huge rings were formed out in the kelp bed¿it seemed like every surfer in town was there. After a brief ceremony, Kim told everyone from the two outer rings to paddle in closer, and everyone told stories about Jay. It was awesome and it was very obvious what an extreme effect he had on people’s lives. I speak for everyone in Santa Cruz when I say I’m going to miss you, Jay.We Love You.¿Dave Nelson