Jet Pilot Signs ‘Bra Boy’ Richie Vaculik

Jet Pilot is pleased to announce the signing of 23yr Old ‘Bra Boy’ Richie Vaculik to the team. Richie Vass as he’s known is the epitomy of what Jet Pilot is about…….a no bullshit, hardcore attitude to action sports. In Richies case it’s charging mutant death slabs where he is regularly seen at places like Shipsterns and Ours.

Marketing Manager Rob Cribb continues by saying… ” Jet Pilot can rest assured that our Boardies, Wetsuits, Vests and Tow Gear will cop a flogging as long as Richie has them on his back. What a great Test Pilot!

As well as being close friends with Kobe Abberton and Mark Matthews, Richies commitment to putting his life on the line in the most evil waves he can find is exciting to say the least. Big Wave Surfing is and will always create a buzz. His goals are simple; to become recognised as a leading global big wave surfer, both freesurfing and in global big wave events. Jet Pilot recognises that guys like Ritchie need to be supported and we’re excited that we can assist Rich with the tools to achieve his goals.”

Richie was equally enthusiastic….”I’m absolutely stoked to be a part of Jet Pilot and to have the help and support of an awesome brand. I’m looking forward to using all their products and supporting Jet Pilot by pursuing heavy waves”.

Richie and mate Mark Matthews recently did a tribute to the late Steve Irwin by towing into giant Shipsterns with a blow-up Croc. Richie is also the Australian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion for his weight division and recently entered and won his first cage fight.

Rob Cribb
Marketing / Brand Manager