Jodie Nelson’s whale of a story nets 120 grand for breast cancer research

The story of Jodie Nelson’s amazing whale tale on GrindTV got a lot more interesting over Easter weekend as it hit the front page of Yahoo late Thursday afternoon. Thirty minutes after our story went live on Yahoo’s front page Nelson called to let us know her donations, which were sitting around $8000 mark pre Yahoo, had jumped suddenly by $3000, pushing her over the $10,000 mark. She was already ecstatic….yet that was merely the beginning.

The story quickly gained traction that night, and by Friday morning it was one of the hottest clickers on the web. As a result the donations flooded in all day Friday and into Saturday morning. By the time the story finally left the Yahoo front page Nelson’s charity had surpassed her original $100,000 target by more than 18-grand. Thousands of people stepped up and donated anywhere from one dollar to one thousand.

At last check her Keep a Breast Foundation donation page had netted $123,000.

Jodie is now doing the TV circuit, as a host of networks have picked up on her inspirational feat, and the amazing response to it. We would like to congratulate Jodie and her entire support staff on their amazing accomplishment.