Joel Parkinson Injury Update

The most famous heel in all of surfing belongs to Mr. Joel Parkinson. Photo courtesy ASP.

The most famous heel in all of surfing belongs to Mr. Joel Parkinson. Photo courtesy ASP.

COOLANGATTA, Queensland/Australia (Tuesday, August 17, 2010) – Joel Parkinson (AUS), 29, 2009 ASP World Runner-Up, has had to endure some rough setbacks over the last two years. Rampaging to take out three out of the first five events in 2009, Parkinson suffered an ankle injury while training in Bali which saw him slip down the ASP World Title rankings behind eventual winner Mick Fanning (AUS), 29.

Then with a solid start this season, Parkinson succumbed to injury once again, suffering a deep slice to the heel days before the start of the Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay while training at home at Snapper Rocks. Despite the setbacks, the stylish natural-footer has remained positive and visited the ASP International office in Coolangatta yesterday to discuss his injury, his comeback date and the new ASP 36-man format.

This…is their story…

As reported by ASP World Tour Manager, Renato Hickel:

Joel stopped by the office the other day to catch up and discuss some of the changes going on at ASP…

To start, he loves the new format and can't wait to see it at Trestles. He plans to attend the event to watch. He believes the last day (of the new format) will be an action-packed day and that the surfers will have to enhance their physical endurance to remain competitive.

Joel won't be able to surf before October 9th. He is planning to return to competition for the Vans Hawaiian Triple Crown.

Joel's heel is completely healed from the massive fin laceration he had six weeks ago. He's still using crutches and a boot. He can move his toes and execute what he calls "toe crawling" as part of his rehab;

He's now awaiting the Billabong Pro Tahiti, which he will watch via Fuel TV from the comfort of his home in Australia.

During the spare time, he has been doing a lot of fishing, some paddling and started to work out his upper body in a gym.

With Mr. Hickel's thorough report sent through, we decided to go to the man himself, who was happy enough to oblige us some personal insights:

ASP: What has been the specific recovery process (surgery? rehab? etc.) and how has it been going?

Joel Parkinson: It's been 6 weeks and it's very slow going. The cut has healed nice, but the tendon and muscle are going to take a lot longer as they were cut in half.

When can we expect you back in the water and in a jersey?

Back in the water will hopefully be around mid-October and then maybe back in competition for the Triple Crown.

How have you been spending your time out of the water?

Well the last few days, I've been fishing, but before that, I couldn't do much at all.

Have you been following the tour (J-Bay, US Open)? Any observations/insights?

Yeah, J-Bay was great to watch on FUEL TV and I can't wait to see Chopes.

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