Joel Parkinson Wins The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Joel Parkinson Wins Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Joel Parkinson claims his second perfect ten of the day at Kirra. Photo courtesy ASP/Getty Images

Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia
Parko starts the 2009 Dream Tour off with a hometown victory...and an early lead in the ratings. Hometown hero Joel Parkinson won the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast in six-to-eight foot dredging barrels at the legendary Kirra Point. A standout the entire event, Parko found his high gear Wednesday in the semifinals against good mate and 2007 World Champion Mick Fanning where the two had a battle for the ages. From there, he was matched up in the final against suddenly-a-contender Adriano De Souza from Brazil.

Said Parko on the stage afterward: "The semi was the one--Mick's [Fanning] the most focused and fit guy on tour. Me? I used to just surf an do nothing, but now I put a lot of effort into." He told the rambunctious crowd. He then went on to thank his family, Luke Egan for the board, and Quiksilver for getting behind the effort to Save Kirra, saying, "We need Kirra back to it's former glory, were all surfers, we can unite! Lets' do it!" Parko says go to

Congratulations Parko!

Final Day Highlights

Joel Parkinson Wins Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Joel Parkinson
Two tens in two heats. 'Nuff said. Make sure to pick the Parko Pro Spotlight in the upcoming issue of TransWorld SURF.

Adriano De Souza
With 1000's of Brazilians on the Goldy, he had a massive and very vocal cheering squad! This kid is to be reckoned with as a serios contender--super consistent and can surf in anything.

The Webcast
I was both on the Goldy--half-drunk from the night before and sweating and my tits off on the beach--for the first half of the comp, and back home in Cali with hi-speed internet, a couch, and ice cream for the second half. Heaven with highlights--and excellent commentating. “God bless the internet” as commentator Martin Potter mentioned.

Mick Fanning
The guy has a never say die attitude and lost with over 17 points--that rarely happens.

The Water Patrol
After an early and unfortunate incident, these guys performed perfect and got the boys out the back quickly and safely. Without that, we'd be watching a paddle battle.

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