John John Florence wins third consecutive Volcom Pipe Pro

At this point, listing John John Florence’s accolades has become almost exhausting. Aside from his 2012 Rookie of the Year honors, the 20-year-old phenom, born and raised by the pack at Pipeline, has just capped off a three-year reign atop Hawaii’s Volcom Pipe Pro podium. That’s three years and counting without losing a single heat in this event.

Alongside Florence, the final four consisted of Josh Kerr, Chris Ward, and Olamana Eleogram. Josh Kerr has also cemented his pipeline legacy with his second consecutive final here in two months. Kerr placed second to newly crowned world champion Joel Parkinson back in December at the Billabong Pipe Masters. Not something we’d always expected out of a guy who burst onto the surfing scene because of his small-wave aerial game.

The Cinderella story of the event has to be Maui’s Eleogram, who marched through a series of tough heats with some fantastic backdoor tubes. The newly engaged Ola has been threatening to break out of the Hawaii scene onto the world stage for a few years now, seemingly needing just a little push. Perhaps this result, and the 5-star points that go along with it, will be the jump start he needs in 2013.

Click here to read an interview with John John shortly after his victory by Surfer magazine.

Photo courtesy of Volcom.

1st: $20,000 –
John John Florence – 16.33 points (8.43, 7.9)
2nd: $10,000 – Chris Ward – 14.8 (7.93, 6.87)
3rd: $6,500 – Josh Kerr – 13.83 (8.33, 5.5)
4th: $5,500 – Olamana Eleogram — 13.3 (6.87, 6.43)