John Robertson 3-8

Name: John Robertson

Age: 19

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 145 lbs.

From: San Clemente, California

Sponsors: Lost, Oakley, Be Wet, Reef

Freshly back from West Oz, where he was living like a hippie with Brian Conley and surfing Australia’s wonderland of waves, John Robertson is living the vagabond life-that’s the plan. Besides competing here and there, Mr. Robertson, a.k.a. Johnny, looks forward to a long career of traveling the world to find the best waves he can.Johnny’s a very well-rounded surfer-an actor in a huge production of futuristic surfers hailing from San Clemente, California. He looks up to town heroes such as the Beschens, Dino Andino, Wardo, and all his San Clemente bros. John’s all-time favorite is Tom Curren-“He always will be.” Look out for Johnny Robertson.-A.C.