Josh Kerr Wins Chippa Wilson’s ‘Flight To The Flats’ Air Contest

Josh Kerr Wins Chippa Wilson's 'Flight To The Flats" Air Contest

After battling the world's best aerialists in a head to head format, Josh Kerr has been crowned the Flight To The Flats champion! The brainchild of Christopher "Chippa" Wilson, Flight To The Flats was a video based contest judged on the best combos (an air and a maneuver on one wave) and their best air. Kerr set the bar high with his massive frontside air that saw him get past Mitch Coleborn and onto the final round, which was held on Bali. Also making the final round were New York’s Balaram Stack, and Puerto Rico’s Dylan Graves. Chippa came along, too, just to make sure everything went smooth—and to blast a few airs of his own.

The final video was premiered at the lavish Fox headquarters in Irvine, and upon completion, it was pretty clear that Kerrzy had won. A former air show winner back in the day, it should come as no surprise that Kerr won. His giant alley oops and incredible make ratio were too much for the fellow finalists to overcome. For his efforts, Kerr won a brand new motorcycle courtesy of Fox Racing and the title of the World's Best Aerialist.

Big thanks to Flight To The Flats sponsors: Fox, Mophie, Monster, and Arnette. For more on Flight To The Flats and to watch earlier rounds of competition, go to