Just a few reasons to thank the Indian Ocean XXL Swell

As we reported last week, massive waves pummeled Western Australia and surfers everywhere jumped for joy. Turns out that West Oz was simply Ground Zero for this Indian Ocean XXL swell that’s continued to force some crazy footage from the region.

We can thank a very generous storm that traveled across the South Indian Ocean, bombed West OZ, and moved on to bless us in Indonesia, then it’s expected to give gifts in Fiji and Tahiti during the later part of this week.

Dear Indian Ocean XXL megaswell, here are some more specific reasons we love you, even when you’ve been brutal:

The Right kicked things off with Mark Mathews and friends.

Cow Bombie delivered some serious bone-breaking power.

Indian ocean XXL swell

Justin ‘Frotha’ Holland attacks probably one of the biggest waves ever in Australia, and snapped his femur in the process.

Watch the full video.

Parker Coffin (narrowly) avoided death at Kandui.

Indian Ocean XXL swell

"Pretty nuts couple of days over here. The best waves I have ever seen in my life, hands down." That's Parker Coffin's take on what this swell did at Kandui — but it came at a cost. Below, read Parker recount an incident that nearly ended his life. Photo: John Barton/SURFING

Professional surfer, Parker Coffin, recounted his near-death wave in Indonesia to SURFING.

“I couldn't stop crying and couldn't believe that I was still alive. I was just sitting in a chair gushing blood all over the deck of the restaurant thinking about my life and my family and how miraculous it was that I woke up on the surface.”

Read the full article.

The photos are making us insanely pissed that we can’t be there.

Indian Ocean XXL Swell

Billy Kemper and a stand-up, high-line drainer. Photo: Noyle/SURFER

Indian Ocean XXL Swell

Koa Smith caught up in an incredible display of Indian Ocean power. Photo: Noyle/SURFER

Indian Ocean XXL Swell

That perfect, and that big? Uluwatu, showing off. Photo: Findlay/SURFER

View the full gallery.

And best of all? That’s just the first half.

It hasn’t even wrapped up yet. Looking forward to Tahiti.

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