Justin Ellingham – 4.7

Justin EllinghamAge: 18Height: 5’9″Weight: 135 lbs.Hometown: Indialantic, FloridaSponsors: Billabong, Electric, Osiris, OAM, Quiet Flight

Phillip Watters, E.T., Tommy O’Brien, Alek Parker, Adam Wickwire-the list of Sebastian Inlet’s “next guard” runs deep. But there’s one ripper who’s sick of being treated like a redheaded stepchild. Hell, he is the redheaded stepchild. His nickname is “Firecrotch.” His real name is Justin Ellingham.


Firecrotch can be seen torching First Peak on a regular basis. Super stylish and quick in the water, Justin has turned out to be one of the more photogenic members of the next guard. He’s also been lighting up the competition with a few wins in the NSSA and taking last season’s title. Justin’s coming off an injury, but he says all is well and he’s looking forward to competing in this year’s NSSA Nationals. I guess you could say he’s fired up.*-Don Hoffman

*All bad puns are solely the opinion of Don Hoffman and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of TransWorld SURF or its staff.