Justin Quirk – 4.8

Justin QuirkAge: 17Height: 6’1″Weight: 150 lbs.Hometown: Oceanside, California and Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., MexicoSponsors: Quiksilver, Surf Ride, OAM, Electric, and U.M. Surfboards

The first time I met Justin Quirk, I was working at the City of Oceanside Surf Camp. He was a tiny camper with a big blond head of hair and huge ears-like a surf-style Yoda from Star Wars. After a while, he just disappeared-his dad moved to Cabo San Lucas and took eleven-year-old Justin with him. It wasn’t ’til a couple of years ago that I finally saw Justin again. Not only did he grow into his ears, but his surf style and demeanor matured as well-he’d become quite a talented surfer. Not many people know of this kid, because he’s spent most of his teenage years blowing up in Cabo-out of the sight of the surf industry. Well, now he’s back (although he still spends a lot of time in Cabo), and he’s ready to show off his Jedi Knight style-may the Force be with you, Justin.-A.C.