K-Five Throws Grand Opening Party

Jurgen and Tom Schulz, owners of K-Five Boarding Company, are both ready for a vacation.

The last month has been a swirl for both of them as they put the finishing touches on a new K-Five in Encinitas, California. On Saturday, July 20, they were finally ready to hold the type of grand opening celebration you’d expect from one of San Diego County’s leading action-sports retailers.


The store, which takes the place of the old Encinitas location a few blocks away, is 10,000 square-feet (twice the size of the old location) and features several innovations that’s bound to make the store a favorite with customers.

According to Tom, this was a very hand’s on experience. “I was down at Home Depot three times a day,” he laughs. It seems the work was worth it. The store will be one of only a few to offer music in with its skate, surf, and snow product mix, and the stereo system in the store would make an audiophile proud. “We can control the sound and video at any of the six monitors in the store from here,” says Tom, indicating a rack of stereo equipment with more controls and buttons than the Death Star.


Shoppers can also check the surf or the latest products at several computer kiosks, or try their hand and the new Tony Hawk game or Top Skater arcade game — both of which were crowded with kids on the day of the grand opening.

All the leading brands are represented, with shoppers passing a large juniors buildout filled with Billabong Girls when they enter the store. Surf hardgoods are up front against a display rack two boards tall, while the skate department is near the shoe display in the back of the store.

On the day of the opening, reps from many of the biggest companies set up tents in the parking lot, and surfers like Rob Machado, Ben Bourgeois, and Strider Wasilewski were scheduled to sign autographs. And of course there were a ton of giveaways, with some reps making shoppers endure diabolical hurdles that would have made Fear Factor proud. The packed crowd loved it.

As brands become more sophisticated in the surf market, there’s been a few quiet complaints that retailers aren’t keeping up with the changes. But that’s certainly not the case at K-Five. To see one perspective on where the market is heading, check them out next time you’re in Encinitas.


The new store is located at 280 N. El Camino Real. For directions call 760.436.6613