Kai Ellison

Kai Ellison

Age: 15

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hometown: Ventura, California

Sponsors: O’Neill, Reef, Spy, OAM, Freestyle, Roberts Surfboards, Ventura Surf Shop

They’re from Ventura, they travel the world surfing, and have experienced competitive success at an early age. In fact, Kai and his younger brother Kellen are like a younger version (minus one sibling) of the Malloys--they even hang out with together. Although Kai isn’t as into competition as his brother, he loves to charge big waves and has a photogenic style. His family owns a surf shop and loves to surf--he’s got it made. Kai can be found (or not found) at a variety of Central California’s heaviest secret spots as well as ripping Rincon with Dane Reynolds and Chad Compton. This lifestyle, combined with the personal coaching of Ventura-superhero Sean Hayes, means Kai’s moving toward the professional surfing world at an astronomical pace. So, the next time you see a photo of Kai in a standup tube in Indo, remember he’s the older Malloy ... I mean Ellison.--AC