Kai Lenny tests the new water-resistant iPhone 7 while surfing

Apple announced two weeks ago that their new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 will be water-resistant. They did so with images of surfers in the water with an Apple Watch, and have proceeded to release commercials like a skateboarder using his phone in sprinklers.

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So it was only a matter of time before a pro surfer tested out a phone in the ocean. Which is exactly what Kai Lenny does here.

Lenny certainly isn’t too busy surfing his hyrdofoil in empty open ocean swells for miles to still surf in lineups like us normal people.

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While it’s ironic that he can watch “The Endless Summer” while actually surfing, it’s going to be a bit like nails on a chalkboard if this is what our lineups are going to be subjected to.

As I mentioned when these were announced, it may be water-resistant, but the fact that we can take our phones with us everywhere is a scary prospect for activities that are meant to connect us with nature and shake off the ills of society.

Just something to keep in mind as the demands of technology continue to infiltrate every inch of our lives.

Kai Lenny surfing with the iPhone 7 on his board.

Kai Lenny surfing with the iPhone 7 on his board.

Plus, while Lenny proves that the iPhone 7 ends up being alright, the 7 Plus ends up losing its sound during the test — so much for being able to withstand the ocean.

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