Kaimana Jaquias Wins Quiksilver King Of The Groms In Hawaii

As usual it was a beautiful day in paradise to hold the Quiksilver “King of Grooms” competition at the infamous Kewalo Basin surf spot. Just as the sun was rising on Monday June 9th, 48 groms from across the state of Hawaii prepared for competition in clean 2 to 4 foot surf. With $100 per skin, a trip to France and a slot in the Quiksilver “King of Groms Global Championships,” it’s no surprise that we saw some awesome moves and tough competition.

Bernie Baker/QuiksilverRound one was dominated by Kauai’s Kaimana Jaquias who won six heats and $600. Kaimana is the son of Kaipo Jaquias, who was one of the world’s top-ranked professional surfers in the 1990s. After being served local-style plate lunches the contestants and spectators were ready for Round 2. Carissa Moore won 4 consecutive heats earning $400. Carissa was defiantly a crowd favorite as she made international headlines when she beat all the boys to win the King of the Grooms Hawai’i qualifier last year. Ezekiel Lau, also brought on some tough competition as he had the best ride of the day with a score of 29.2 (out of 30).

As the day came to a close, Kaimana was declared the Quiksilver “King of Grooms” Hawaii qualifier. Honolulu surfers Ezekiel Lau and Carissa Moore tied for second place with four skins each. Keanu Asing and Matty Costa tied for third place with three skins each. Buddy Wiggins (two) and Ha’a Aikau (one) were the only other surfers to win skins. Below is the complete recap of the winnings:

Kaimana Jaquias                7 Skins $700Bernie Baker/Quiksilver
Ezekiel Lau               4 Skins $400
Carissa Moore               4 Skins $400
Keanu Asing               3 Skins $300
Matty Costa               3 Skins $300
Buddy Wiggins              2 Skins $200
Ha’a Aikau                1 Skin  $100

DC Shoes Specialty Award “Highest Single Point Total”: Ezekiel Lau ($500)
Future Fins Specialty Award “Most Futuristic Surfing”: Kaimana Jaquias ($200)
Super Brand Specialty Award “Best Beater Board”: Mo Freitas (New Clay Marzo Model Surfboard)Bernie Baker/Quiksilver