Kalani Chapman Talks GoPro

After seeing so many GoPro rider-point-of-view surf videos of Kalani Chapman getting kegged throughout the world, we felt it was time to see how he does it. Here's an interview from Kalani's recent visit to TransWorld SURF HQ… Did we mention he's frothing to paddle into a giant left at Jaws?

TransWorld SURF: Where's your favorite spot to film with a GoPro camera?

Kalani Chapman: Desert Point [as seen in the video above]. It's user friendly, has an easy roll-in takeoff, and the wave gives you plenty of time to set up and get barreled.

Do you prefer a tail mount or nose mount when you're filming?

I like the tail mount because it shows the viewers where you're going, instead of always looking at you in the barrel. It's just a different perspective I guess.

You told me you've been using Sion Milosky's pole mount that he fabricated and used extensively. How's that working for you?

Yeah before Sion passed away he and Pete Hodgson had been working together a lot, and now I've got the chance to use it. It's a special tool to have and brings the good mana; using it makes me think about him a lot.

We see the successful filming sessions, what about the failures?

You usually don't run into too many problems but you can. You might forget your SD card, your SD card might be full if you didn't erase it from the footage from before, your batteries aren't charged, or you don't have your fog strips in. There are all different scenarios you can run into.

Have you lost many cameras?

I lost one on my last trip but it wasn't because it didn't float—they have floaties you attach to the back of the camera now. It was just a big day at Deserts and it broke off. Who knows where it is, could be in Java by now. I hope someone finds it and throws a little edit together with the footage.

Kalani Chapman GoPro

Kalani Chapman at Cloudbreak. Frame grab from GoPro.

What's next for you and GoPro?

For myself, I just want to get a longer better barrel clip. As far as GoPro, I'm sure they're working on something, but we'll see, you never know what they have in store, which is exciting.

Switching gears, it's almost September and the North Store season is right around the corner. What are you looking forward to most about your home?

I'm looking forward to Pipeline, and all of the waves really—I love them all. Jaws has been on my mind lately, too. I haven't been over there to paddle it yet, but I'm going to get a little floatation device and see what my luck is like.

What do you think about going left at Jaws?

I think it's a good call! It's funny, the first time I surfed there I towed into a left before I did a right. It's not exactly what I was exactly imagining, but I'm not afraid so it's cool to try it out.

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Above: Kalani Chapman in the Pipe Masters.

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Above: Kalani Chapman on a big day at Pipe.

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Above: Kalani Chapman in the Volcom Pipe Pro