Kalani Chapman Wins The Volcom Pipe Pro Wildcard Challenge

Volcom is proud to announce that Kalani Chapman has won the 2011 Volcom Wildcard Challenge. Pipeline legends Gerry Lopez (who chimed in via the internet from Canada), Derek and Michael Ho had the final say and they all unanimously voted Kalani as the winner after seeing his best five waves at Pipeline this winter. Kalani will receive the wildcard into the round of 64 for the 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro!

There were a lot of really good entries, but in the end no one could match Kalani’s waves. Make sure you keep an eye on the conditions and tune into Volcompipepro.com for the start of the waiting period on January 24th, 2011.

Check out Kalani’s entry, as well as the other top contenders (in no particular order): Kawai Lindo, Ryan Hipwood, JD Irons & Stephen Koehne below…

Underground Pipe charger Kawai Lindo’s entry to the Volcom Pipe Pro Wildcard Challenge.

Ryan Hipwood’s entry…how’s that Backdoor barrel?1?

JD Irons’ Volcom Pipe Pro Wildcard Challenge entry.

Stephen Koehne’s entry features a few cavernous Pipe bombs…