Kalani Robb Signs With Hurley


Kalani on his way to sign with Hurley. Photo: Me

This past Friday, as I walked back to my car to feed the Huntington Beach meters, I ran into a friend of mine from the ‘aina, Kalani Robb. He told me he was in town because he had just gotten picked up by Hurley. Me being the prepared journalist that I am, I had my camera and tape recorder on me, so here’s a quick interview with Kalani Robb on his way to sign a contract with Hurley:

So when did you ink with Hurley?

I’m about to sign with them right now actually, so today.


Yeah, I definitely am, I’m super amped. I’ve gone from Fox and that whole dirt biking thing, so it’s been a while since I ‘ve been with a surf clothing company. It feels really good to be back in the industry, so it’s official you will be seeing a lot more of me.

Is this why you’ve been in California so much lately?

No, my girl’s from Malibu, so I’ve just been staying up there for about a year and a half now. I go back and forth to Hawaii, I’m actually going back in about three days, and I ‘ve been here for about a week. I just go from swell to swell, back and forth, where ever it’s good.

Got anything planned with Hurley?

I’m going with Rob [Machado], Timmy [Curran], Rizal [Tanjung] and those guys to Indo in about a month. Besides that, i’m just going to go on an east coast tour with them, it’s called ‘Rip my Shred Stick.’ I’m ready to do a lot of mainstream Hurley stuff, since I’m back in the surf industry again.