Kaupena Miranda Wins First Annual 6’2 North Shore Poker Challenge

We all know Texas Hold ‘Em is taking over the sporting world, but pro surfer Danny Fuller’s brainchild, the “6’2 North Shore Poker Challenge added a new twist to the hugely popular pastime last week at Chris Taloa’s house near Sunset beach on the North Shore of Oahu.

Over twenty five brand new boards 6’2 and longer graced the backyard of Taloa’s house, and with a winner take all format in the days of foam blank shortages, the stakes were huge.

Parko threw in a brand new 7’0 DHD, Bruce Irons first kicked in a sick 6’2, and then bought back in with another after losing his chips early. Makua Rothman, Evan Valiere, Dustin Barca, Fred Patacchia, Sean Moody, Ian Walsh, Love Hodel, Rico Jiminez, Jason Shibata, and more also waged their money-making sticks on the game.

Tension ran high and major smack was talked during the three-table, first-round bracket where losers like Bruce, and Freddy P. were soon 6’2-less.

Tournament Organizer Danny Fuller also found himself in a rut early on and was into the pot for two boards after round one.

After several hours of Texas Hold ‘Em, Parko didn’t see a flush coming and lost his substantial mound. Makua soon lost his load, too, and victory was handed to North Shore local Kaupena Miranda. When asked what he plans on doing with his personally signed, brand-new super quiver, Miranda simply replied, “Ebay, bra. Good luck with that Kaupena, we’ll watch the bidding!

TransWorld SURF has major plans next year for the “6’2 North Shore Poker Challenge–think World Poker Tour meets the WCT…