Keep A Breast Art Benefit And Auction

Walk into Martini Ranch in Encinitas on any given night and you’d probably encounter a few shiny shirts, plenty of plastic surgery victims, and enough hair gel to drown a Vegas bachelor party. But fortunately for everyone in attendance July 8, 2004, Thursday nights as of late have been hi-jacked by promoter Sam Yago who has a more low key approach to a good time.

The occasion this past Thursday was a Modart produced art benefit and auction with proceeds going to Keep A Breast. Co-founders Shaney Joe Darden and Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig were on hand to explain what the benefit was all about and how it came to be.

“Keep A Breast started in 2000 when Boarding For Breast Cancer invited Modart to have an art tent on the mountain, Said Shaney. “We came up with the idea of making casts and having the Modart artists paint them. It was an instant hit.

“Keep A Breast raises money for organizations that are working toward building awareness, promoting prevention and finding a cure for Breast Cancer. It’s traveled to San Francisco, New York, North Carolina, San Diego, France and Germany and we’ve raised thousands for The Breast Cancer Fund, Asha- Kilgallen McGee fund, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Boarding for Breast Cancer.

The entertainment line-up was also super impressive: DJ Style and Suns And Daughters started off the evening, followed by the beautiful and talented Tristan Pretttyman (whose cast sold for $500!), and a band bound for bigger stages in the future, Vagenius. Those acts alone were reason to pay the $10 cover charge, not to mention it was all a good time for a great cause.

Prize packages were given away, as well, and Brad Gerlach, among others, won some amazing gifts by the artists in the show and sponsors, including a custom Steve Boysen Surfboard, and Electra Bicycle. “I never win anything, said Gerlach, on winning his t-shirt prize package from La Feem by local artist Heather Feemster, but anyone who’s seen him surf know that’s not true.

Everyone came out of the woodwork and packed the Ranch, the Finlandia Vodka was a hit, and the music rocked, but what are Mona and Shaney’s biggest inspiration for all the hard work, sweat, and tears? “The excitement in doing something cool for our community and the reality of really making a difference in people’s lives, Shaney said.

With that in mind, hopefully nights like the Keep A Breast evening will catch on and every night around Encinitas could be as fun.

For more info on Modart and Keep A Breast, Click Here.