Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy: Hello?

Cote: Yes. Hi, Keith. I’m calling to congratulate you on making the tour and to introduce myself. My name is James Gessay and I work for the ASP. I’m the new food and entertainment director. I just have a few quick questions to ask you regarding the tour.

Oh, okay.

Are you a vegetarian?

Oh, um, well, I eat meat giggle. I’m kind of like a chicken, fish, and turkey guy, you know.

Well, now I know.

Yeah. I can eat anything, really.

Good, we’ll take note of that. Are you lactose intolerant?


This is just for the benefit of the traveling surfers. We’re trying to get a list of pause all the beneficiary things we can feed them along the tour.

Uh huh.

Also with a sampling of local cuisine, like say for instance, you’re in South Africa …

Who’s this?

James Gessay, as I said before, I’m the new food and entertainment director. It’s a new position Rabbit brought out of his hat to keep the surfers happy.


It seemed like a good idea …

Oh yeah, it is.

Okay, do you have any allergies?

Nope, none.

Any specific foods you can not tolerate?

No, but Tim Curran has a lot of “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.”

Noted. Thanks, Keith. Good luck.