Kelly Slater And FCS Claim Victory At Fiji

Rowland/ASP Covered Images

June 5, 2008: – – The greatest surfer of all time has claimed yet another victory on the 2008 ASP World Tour riding his signature FCS K2.1 fins. In the final of the Globe Pro in Fiji Kelly defeated fellow Floridian and FCS team rider CJ Hobgood, and in doing so notched up his 37th WCT win.

The final day of competition produced challenging conditions that proved no match for the lethal combination of Kelly Slater and the FCS K2.1. In the shifting wind affected waves of Cloudbreak Reef off Tavarua Island Kelly surfed with aggression, speed and lightning response, reminding everyone that he still at the forefront of performance surfing.

In the semi finals both Kelly and CJ produced huge scores and mind blowing surfing to take down their respective rivals in Taj burrow and FCS team rider Adriano De Souza. Of the two finalists it was Kelly who maintained his momentum displaying a back hand attack consisting of huge tail throwing turns coupled with impeccable timing to find the barrel.

Event runner up CJ Hobgood was again a standout at Fiji and he was unlucky not to find quality waves in the final. Both CJ and Damien have been riding prototypes of their new signature FCS GOODS-1 fin throughout the 2008 season with great results. With a 3rd and a 2nd in the last two events CJ is validating the performance of this fin, which will be released later this year.

FCS Brand Ambassador Richie Lovett watched the event and remarked: “Cloudbreak is a tricky wave to surf. You have to react quickly and anticipate how the wave changes as it tracks down the reef. Speed and timing is the key. Kelly and CJ both looked totally in tune with their equipment the entire event. It was amazing to watch”.

Kelly continues to have remarkable success with his signature fins as he understands the performance advantages associated with using different templates to suit varying surf conditions. The K2.1 is a fast and lively high performance fin ideally suited for tighter maneuvers. It features a more compact upright design and is available as in a variety of different materials.

The majority of surfers on the World Tour choose to ride FCS in their boards. By riding the FCS system they are able to fine tune their equipment and make traveling a whole lot easier.

FCS is dedicated to supplying high quality products to the world’s best surfers.