Kelly Slater Explains His Shorter Is Better Theory

Though the 2009 ASP World Tour season has already kicked off (be it only one day’s worth of heats have been surfed), there was much speculation going into this season as to what Slater would be riding (there’s always some kind of ‘professional theorization’ around Slater before the season begins). Having further blown minds after last years display of foam chopping, Slater yet again redefined the boundaries on a surfboard (for TransWorld SURF’s full wrap-up of Slater’s 9th World Title, head here).

After riding one of the smallest boards ever at Backdoor and Pipeline (a 5’11” to be exact), this Deep Six model from Channel Islands surfboards is the talk of the surf world. This collaboration between Kelly and Al Merrick is helping Kelly continue his dominance, and as we saw in Round 1 of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, he is continuing with this shorter and wider-point-forward theory for 2009. It’s not just about board though, and Kelly goes into fin discussion as well, giving insight into his FCS fin choice for the Deep Six.

Here’s Slater talking about this Deep Six model and explaining it in detail for all us humans to understand.

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