Kelly Slater might open first public wave pool in home state of Florida

Kelly Slater’s home state of Florida could become the location for the very first public Kelly Slater wave pool.

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According to the Palm Beach Post, the Kelly Slater Wave Company has filed a zoning application with Palm Beach County for permission to build a wave park within the proposed Palm Beach Park of Commerce industrial park.

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As the zoning application states, “The project, named Surf Ranch Florida, will be proposing to construct a world-class, man-made surfing lake which will provide consistent waves and a safe environment for public recreational and competition purposes.”

The competition aspect in that language is interesting, considering that the World Surf League owns a majority stake in Slater’s Wave Company. And Slater himself hinted earlier in March “there’s some exciting projects on the horizon” in regards to his wave pool. One of those exciting projects could possibly entail a Championship Tour event for Florida.

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Surf Ranch Florida would be located about 120 miles south of Slater’s hometown of Cocoa Beach. The proposed project is not the first public wave pool the Kelly Slater Wave Company has sought to build, as last year a proposal in San Diego was denied by the city.

Slater’s original Surf Ranch in California has always been considered a testing facility, with many surfers world-wide wondering when they’d get a chance to experience the manmade perfection.

There is a zoning meeting with the Palm Beach County Commission scheduled for March 23 to hear whether the Commission will amend their industrial park plans to allow a large facility like Surf Ranch Florida to be a part of the plans.

Slater himself has been quiet on the issue and details are obviously not known about when the facility would be constructed.

Stay tuned as more comes out from the March 23 meeting, as Florida could fittingly end up being the first place everyday surfers can enjoy Slater’s wave technology.