Kelly Slater is opening his wave pool for 2 lucky surfers

Ever since the fateful day Kelly Slater shocked surfers around the world with his wave pool, people have been frothing at the mouth to get a chance to surf it.

His Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California, has only been surfed by Slater and a handful of other pros.

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“I’ve had more requests than any one person can field or imagine about the Surf Ranch,” Slater said in a press statement.

One winner and a guest will experience two days and two nights at the wave pool.

Not only will they get to surf the perfect manmade wave but they’ll also get to hangout and barbecue with Slater and a few other pros and pick their brains for surf tips.

Kelly Slater Surf Ranch

The Surf Ranch has only been open to a handful of select pro surfers. Photo: Courtesy of Omaze

Slater has partnered with the fundraising website Omaze to raise money for the World Surf League’s non-profit WSL PURE.

One contest entry is free and people can buy additional entry tickets that benefit the WSL PURE.

WSL PURE is dedicated to improving the ocean’s condition.

Donations can range from $10 to $50,000.

Other prizes include the board Kelly rode at the 2015 Hurley Pro Trestles, VIP access to the Pipe Masters in Oahu, Hawaii, Slater designed surfboards and more.

Tickets are available through 11:59 p.m. PST, Sept. 12.

The date of the trip has not yet been decided.

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