Kelly Slater Passes On ‘$10-Million’ Bonus From Quiksilver

Two years ago when Kelly Slater won his 9th World Title rumors were running rampant saying that when he obtains number 10 he’ll be receiving a hefty $10 million bonus from his long-time sponsor, Quiksilver. That day has come.

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Quiksilver offered the 10X World Champ a “hefty bonus” or a bigger ownership stake in the company. Being the intelligent human he is, Kelly opted for the long-term ownership, now owning 3-percent of Quiksilver. As Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight says in the report, “We sat down and talked to Kelly about all that [$US10-million]. We said ‘Do you want us to put the money to something like that or would you rather us to back it with ownership in the company which will make you 10-fold that in years to come?’ And he said, ‘Definitely stock.'”

10 for the champ. Photo courtesy ASP/Scholtz

10 for the champ. Photo courtesy ASP/Scholtz

McKnight also noted that though the bonus would have been in the seven figure range, the $10-million number was just a rumor. “I think Kelly probably started that rumor by the way! It was meant years ago as a joke and then it just came to life on its own.”

Now that the big question has been settled, we move to, ‘Does he go for number 11?’ All I ask is that Kelly please do not become surfing’s Brett Farve and create a circus of speculation that drags and drags and drags. We all know you’re still capable of winning events, you have proven that. If you want to continue surfing on tour, do so and say so, and if you don’t want to continue surfing on tour do so and say so. That’s all I ask of thee. Oh, and keep f—king tear the shit out of every wave, too. We like watching that.—Ryan Brower

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