Kelly Slater saves woman, child from rogue wave breaking across Oahu highway

Is there anything pro surfer Kelly Slater can’t do?

Between launching his own sustainable clothing line, perfecting the art of the man-made wave pool and winning 11 world titles, you might think you’ve seen it all from Slater. You would be wrong.

On Wednesday, the 43-year-old surf legend apparently helped save the wife (Sarah) and infant son (Van) of Australian surf photographer Chris White from potentially drowning as the result of a rogue wave that came sweeping across the famed Kamehameha Highway on Oahu’s coastline.

According to an Instagram post from White, Sarah was walking along the highway with Van in a baby stroller when a freak wave came crashing across the road, knocking over Sarah and the stroller. Lucky for them, Slater was in the right place at the right time and was able to scoop up Sarah and Van, whose stroller was quickly being flooded by the rushing waters.

“Forever grateful to the great man and so thankful my family is alive and safe,” White captioned his Instagram post.

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Slater responded humbly in the comments of White’s Instagram, saying that he was confident lifeguards would have saved White’s family regardless of his help. Slater even joked that it was the first wave Van had ever caught, and that it was “a huge one.”

Kelly Slater saves wife and child

Despite Slater’s humility, White replied back to all of his followers that the situation was in fact very dire, and that young Van had swallowed quite a bit of sand and water as a result from the his baby stroller (“pram,” in Austrlian slang) being filled with ocean water.

Kelly Slater saves wife and child

While ultimately Sarah’s cell phone couldn’t be saved, at the end of the day, everyone walked away from a situation that could have ended much worse.

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