Kelly Slater surfs epic New Jersey waves with still-healing broken foot; video

New Jersey surfers have enjoyed quite a run of swell this fall. It is the time of year they live for, and they are being rewarded with consistently good surf for the past two months.

Kelly Slater has even taken notice, and he decided to partake in Monday’s offering in the Garden State after a powerful storm passed through the northeast over the weekend. Needless to say, the 11-time world champ got the wave of the day and New Jersey surfers felt privileged having the champ come get a few waves.

Slater, who is originally from the East Coast (Florida), enjoyed quite a day in New Jersey. As he said in his Instagram post, “Been waiting for one of those great NJ days for decades. Remarkable conditions albeit short-lived.”

According to Stab Magazine, Slater was visiting his daughter in New York City and New Jersey’s top surfer Sam Hammer hit the champ up and told him to come down for a surf on Monday.

Slater looked at the forecasts and obliged, and we bet he’s pretty happy about his decision. He ended up borrowing a suit, boots and a cap, as well as a board, from Hammer as Slater obviously wasn’t expecting to surf.

Notable New Jersey surfers, photographers and videographers took to Instagram themselves to celebrate the greatest surfer of all time’s presence in their lineup.

When the legend of surfing Kelly Slater @kellyslater makes an appearance in New Jersey for the swell of the year

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Slater, who is currently rehabbing the foot he injured at the Jeffreys Bay contest this summer, is the target of speculations that he may return to the Championship Tour for the last event of the year at Pipeline.

As SURFER points out, the WSL has listed him in the early heat draw for the Billabong Pipe Masters that gets underway on Dec. 8.

Initially, Slater was expected to miss four to six months after surgery for a Lisfranc fracture in his right foot. That having taken place in July, Dec. 8 is squarely in the middle of that estimation.

Considering he was surfing in real waves for the first time on Monday, he’s likely testing things with the foot out. He did surf in the WSL’s Future Classic event back in September held at his wave pool in Lemoore, California.

So maybe Slater decided that New Jersey barrels offer a legitimate testing ground similar to that of Pipeline and Backdoor? Or maybe he just took advantage of a good swell when he happened to be in the area.

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