Kelly Slater Wins The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Age, experience, and eight world titles prevail as Kelly Slater wins the first event of the 2008 ASP World Tour.

After three, 35-minute heats, you’d think a 30-something Slater would wither under the brutal Queensland sun. ‘Fraid not Aussie surf fans, event #1 goes to the Yanks and the freak known as Jimmy Slade. Undercover and off the party circuit (no wonder we never saw him) for most of the event, Kelly ruled the much-heralded field consisting of world champions, wunder-kids, and the 2007 Rookie Of The Year.
Let’s check ’em off:
Three Time World Champion Andy IronsShit, I was pulling for Andy, burn on me, but what can I say, I’ll always root for the underdog, and no matter who’s the champ right now, when Kelly is on, everyone is an underdog against him.
Jeremy Flores
2007 ASP Rookie OF The Year Jeremy Flores
Kelly gets revenge against the teenage Frenchy who took him out at Chopes last year, and thank God, what fun would a Jeremy vs. Fanning final be?
After dismantling those two, Slater took it to 2008 ASP World Champion Mick Fanning at Mick’s home break. Slapping high fives to fans as he jogged up the beach before the final, Kelly was the picture of looseness (he cares not) while Mick did a little psyche-up dance number in the competitor’s tent while listening to headphones.
Slater played the game he’d played all through the event, catch anything and rip it to shit. In the end the strategy paid off to the tune of $30,000 big ones. I could go on about “Will Kelly show up to Bells (he will)?” and break down the number of hot girls on the beach but there’s neither time nor words to describe how epic this event was, let the photos to the trick.
Like a Mexican/American version of Dumb and Dumber, I’m heading south with mi amigo Coco Nogales from Puerto Escondido in search of waves y la ultima meat pie gue…wish us luck.