Kerrazy Kronicles Lights Up Newport Beach

Josh Kerr and shaper Rusty Preisendorfer
Josh Kerr and Justin Cote
The Lido Theatre
Kerrazy Kronicles

Groms galore and Newport's finest women crowded the pre-party across the street from the Lido Theatre. The infamous Rusty bus awaited debauchery just outside. Tequila, wine, and mostly Session Lagers got downed by the dozens as anticipatory viewers of ripping worked on a pre-movie buzz. Kerrazy Kronicles star and man of the night Josh Kerr mingled amongst the crowd, sporting a fedora and his stunning wife Nikki. Before the horde migrated to the landmark theatre across the street, Kerr managed to get himself a plate lunch for dinner--chowing down while still juggling conversations and photo ops with adoring fans, friends, and industry folk alike.

Kerrazy Kronicles has already had some Australian premieres, but last night was the first in the good ol' US of A--and the Americans came and packed the house. Kerr himself had just nabbed a victory at the Boost Mobile Surfsho, further cementing himself as one of the world's best aerialists. And yes, Kerrazy Kronicles is full of ridiculously tweaked airs of all sorts with countless grab variations, rotations, and heights. Some of them tow-ats, a lot of them not--Kerr's airs though are becoming harder and harder to decipher between ski assisted and those of his own ability to create massive amounts of speed on a wave.

And Kerr's on the face game has elevated over recent years as well--as exhibited onscreen via his sinister railwork and gaping barrel charging pursuits all around the world. The 33-minutes of film was filled with only ripping--nothing more, nothing less. Which is just what we expected from Kerrazy himself.--Ryan Brower

Kerrazy Kronicles will be available for download at May 20th.

Josh Kerr and shaper Rusty Preisendorfer. Photo: J. Cote

Josh Kerr and shaper Rusty Preisendorfer. Photo: J. Cote