Kickstarter campaign looks to simplify how we store surfboards

There are countless numbers of ways to store your surfboards. From racks to wall hangers to stacking them against each other, it’s really a preference for how you secure your boards when you’re not using them.

But within that, there always lies problems. Sometimes they get damaged, sometimes they’re in the way, sometimes the racks we build are a bit difficult. Which is why the QuiverGrip is looking to simplify surfboard storage and make it as easy as possible, while still being completely safe for your boards.

Scott McLean of Florida has devised the QuiverGrip for simplicity sake. The Kickstarter campaign speaks to that and shows how using a hard PVC cuff on the outside with a softer inner core creates flexibility and can fit any board imaginable.

Cuffing to the rail of your surfboard, you can then attach the cuff to any surface, to stand the board up, using the two pre-drilled holes in the back of the QuiverGrip. There are even extension products that allow you to slide multiple QuiverGrips together on one rail to store all your boards in line.

The simple, yet effective QuiverGrip.

ecure-surf-board-storage/description” target=”_blank”>QuiverGrip campaign, as it runs through to July 19 and will only be funded if they reach their $7,500 goal.

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