Kitesurfer is dared to jump the shark near Australian shoreline; video

As Adam Cartmer videotaped a large bull shark swimming along an Australian beach, he warned beachgoers and kitesurfers to get out of the water.

Kitesurfer Pierre Olivier did so, but upon seeing the shark pass by, he took off again with one bystander telling him to "Jump it, jump it."

The incident at Brighton Le Sands in Sydney on Thursday was covered by the Daily Mail Australia and 9 News, and both mischaracterized what happened:

The kitesurfer clearly knew the bull shark was there, as evidenced in the original video posted on YouTube. But while he didn't jump the shark, Olivier did get a nice photo op.

Actually, none of the kitesurfers were too overly concerned.

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"You could see it wasn’t going to attack," Cartmer told the Daily Mail Australia. "I was near it in knee-deep water. It was a little disoriented.

"It was going north along the beach for a few hundred meters at the speed of me jogging along with it. Then it disappeared and 30 kite surfers jumped back in the water and surfed until sunset."