Kiwi Surfer Surfs With Killer Whale

Talk about balls! This old New Zealand surfer, Craig Hunter, paddled out at his local spot and paddled out just as a male Orca (Killer Whale) was cruising by. While there have been no reports of Orca's attacking human out of captivity (they can get really pissed when stuck in a pool like Sea World), the sight of a massive black dorsal fin would send 99% of surfers running for the hills, but this old chap? Hell no! “I’m long past the age of being freaked out by it now, mate." Balls mate, balls.

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Kiwi Surfer Surfs With Killer WhalePhoto courtesy NZPA.

Craig Hunter had paddled out past the breakers when he first spotted the giant dorsal fin.

Rather than point his board to shore and catch the first wave to land, the veteran Taranaki surfer shared his waves for 45 minutes with the big male orca and without realising it two young calves.

The orca, regular visitors to the Taranaki coast, paid little attention to the surfers at Stent Rd surf break near Cape Egmont on Saturday. The surfers watched in awe as they swam up and down the beach.

“It’s pretty awesome. It’s a pretty special sort of feeling,” said Mr Hunter, known to his surfing friends as Billy. “I was out there on my own for quite a while and the big fella was just cruising. It was really neat.

“There was no way I was going in because the waves were too good.”

Having surfed the Taranaki waves for nearly five decades, Mr Hunter owner of a surf shop has been joined by orca before. He said he gave no thought to going ashore, even when the orca came within 50 metres.

“I’ve been a bit spoilt with orca. I’ve spent quite a lot of time in the water with them.

“I’m long past the age of being freaked out by it now, mate. The first times were a bit freaky but my outlook is they are big enough and quick enough, if they thought I was a seal I’d be long gone.

“You just hope like hell he’s not hungry and you’re not on his food chain.”

Which leads us to the question: Would you surf with an Orca if the waves were smoking? Let us know in the comment box!