Koastal Media Distribution, Inc. Announces Launch Of A New Surf Web Presence

Encinitas, Ca., November 29, 2006 – KOASTAL MEDIA DISTRIBUTION, INC. is pleased to announce the launch of our new web presence at www.koastalmedia.com. This innovative and intuitive rich Internet application (RIA) delivers a truly cinematic experience with streaming video trailers of our latest feature films as well as an integrated e-commerce store seamlessly integrated within our Adobe® Flash? interface.

Rich Internet applications represent a leap forward in the way people interact with websites. Typical HTML-based web applications require multiple page reloads to complete simple actions taken by the customer. RIAs eliminate the browser refresh by updating only portions of the site that are required, providing a more responsive and intuitive user experience.

To view all of the trailers, current events, and to find out more about Koastal Media Distribution please visit www.koastalmedia.com.