Koby Abberton Makes Aussie Tabloids Again

As reported on www.news.com.au

SYDNEY surfer Koby Abberton and his wave-riding gang The Bra Boys were the toast of Hollywood last night with the premiere of their self-titled documentary – not that the star of the show really cared.

A cast of junior brat-packers led by heiress Nicky Hilton and Entourage star Adrian Grenier hit the red carpet for the film’s debut at the Director’s Guild of America, but Abberton was more interested in gushing about his girlfriend Tahyna Tozzi than the flick.

The documentary and its controversial frontman have spawned a wave of interest in US media over the past week, but the Maroubra surfer said he wasn’t interested in the attention or how it fared.

“This is not my dream at all – I really don’t want to be here to tell you the truth,” Abberton told LA correspondent Peta Hellard.

His real dream, if his declarations of love were any indication, is to settle down with Tozzi.

“I ask her to marry me every single day, but she keeps saying no,” he said.

While Tozzi claimed it would take “another five years,” for her to say yes, the Sydney actress said her boyfriend was far from the ruffian his reputation suggested. “I’m not saying Koby is an innocent angel – because I know he can be a boy – but to me he’s just a teddy bear,” she said.