Kolohe Andino and the march of the Brazilians continue at Lower Trestles

The third consecutive day of fun surf and perfect weather greeted the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro today. An incredible display of surfing unleashed on the cobblestones as the men’s competition progressed all the way through round 3. The 3-man non-elimination round 4 is next.

The assault from South America intensified today, with 8 of the 12 remaining surfers in the event hailing from Brazil. Interestingly enough, the other 4 surfers are American and Southern California residents.

The heat of the event so far was the round 3 matchup of Dusty Payne against Kolohe Andino. Both surfers were on fire, pulling everything they tried. In the end, Dusty couldn’t catch Kolohe’s aerial attack, losing despite scoring 17.03, which would have won almost every heat today. Once he had secured a 9 and an 8, Kolohe let loose on a lowers right, punting a massive air reverse with a stalefish grab. Not very many people on earth have pulled a stalefish air reverse, let alone in a heat.

Cory Lopez’s tough luck streak continued today, as he tied and lost on a count back for the second time in 2 months. He suffered the exact same fate in the Margaret river event, another 6 star Prime. Needing a 6.68 against the heavy-footed Brazilian Willian Cardoso, Lopez got one of his beloved Lowers lefts, and crushed a big turn and an air. 6.67. Ouch.

Times also got tense between two WCT aussies in heat 10 of round 2, which was run in the early morning fog. Julian Wilson got tangled with Kai Otton, words were exchanged, and knowing aussies you can bet the f-word and c-word were tossed around liberally. Julian ended up losing, though Otton would end up losing in his next heat.

Round 4 should hit the water tomorrow morning. Check it here.

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