Korduroy TV Film Lounge At Sacred Craft Expo

Part of the many and varied activities and exhibits on hand at the Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo

Encinitas, Ca, ( April 6, 2010) – – Korduroy TV will be keeping it short and sweet at this year’s Sacred Craft Korduroy Film Lounge, which will be held this weekend, April 10 and 11th, in Ventura, California.

The Korduroy Lounge, which resides within the SurfersVillage Grotto, will feature an eclectic mix of rare short surf film material based on the theme “Exploration: From The Shaping Bay Into The Water” that will include works by:
Johnny Abegg
Branden Aroyan
Bud Browne/Anna Moore
Jaimie Budge
Thomas Campbell
Jack Chellemi
Will Connor
George Greenough
Richard Kenvin/Hydronamica
Life is Just Swell
Jeremy Lynch & the 3 slobs
Tyler Manson
Jack McCoy
Nathan Oldfield
Jeff Parker
Steve Soderberg
Thomas Stillwell
Cyrus Sutton
Ryan Thomas
Greg Tildesley
Timmy Turner
Mick Waters
Greg Weaver
Allan Weisbecker
Spyder Wills

Plus a special preview of THE TYLER WARREN EXPERIMENT by John Smart and Mark Jeremias, who have teamed up to complete this highly anticipated project.

Korduroy founder Cyrus Sutton explains “When we first thought of doing this we were expecting to put up some shorts from korduroy.tv along with some work from our friends, but as word spread we’ve gotten an overwhelming number of submissions from across the globe. We’re now excited to share a collection of shorts from what’s becoming a who’s who of legendary and up-and-coming filmmakers, many of which have made their films specially for this event.”

Enjoy this visual feast along with some project specific installations, chill on Cardboard Robot furniture, munch free popcorn and enter the Megaraffle to win a Stretch board shaped on Marko Envirofoam and glassed with Entropy resin (Korduroy Green Package), a totally shreddable Marko Ifoam Block, a Wegener Alai’a blank, MOVE Collective DVD packs, and more.

Surf Story Project Artist Robb Havassy and Korduroy.tv’s Cyrus Sutton and Stefan Jeremias are curating, producing and creating a multimedia extravaganza during the Sacred Craft Consumer Surf Expo in the SURFERSVILLAGE.COM GROTTO. Don’t miss it!