Kustom Airstrike To Shoot Out More Coin


GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA, 15 March 2010: So you already know that Kustom is throwing down US$50,000 for one crazy air in its Kustom Airstrike competition. And you also know that the victor can stomp that winning ride any time from January 1 to August 31, 2010.

Well, in recognition of the unbelievable wave of aerial assaults being launched in both freesurfing sessions and competitions, Kustom is now planning a series of monthly awards in the countdown to the final judging.

The best entry submitted to the Airstrike website each month will pocket $500 and earn bragging rights that they are firming as one of the judges' favourites.

"So you don’t have to stomp a back flip to win big in the Kustom Airstrike. Just get something on film and it may just be enough to bag yourself $500 bones," said Kai Neville, Modern Collective.

There will be a winner announced for each month from February through to July, with the overall winner to be announced in the days after the event window closes on 31 August.

Competition has been heating up, particularly through events such as the recent Breaka Burleigh Pro in Australia, but it is about to get red hot with one crew planning a boat trip in a bid to lay down the winning move.

Mitch Coleborn, Clay Marzo, Jay Davies, Josh Kerr and Stab Little Weeds winner, Chippa Wilson, have returned from the Kustom Airstrike Landscape Altered boat trip to the Mentawai Islands in a bid to push the limits of progressive surfing.

The aerial artists have their focus firmly fixed on landing the world's most innovative and crazy aerial surfing manoeuvre and claiming the US$50,000 winner-take-all Kustom Airstrike prize purse.

"You would have to think that these guys together on a boat trip are going to be pushing each other to new levels," Harry Truscott, general manager of Kustom Footwear.

"But from what we've already seen in competition surfing early this year there is no guarantee the Landscape Altered crew will be taking home any prizes."

Tune in to kustomairstrike.com to see all of the entries, including the monthly winners and what will no doubt be some massive punts from the Landscape Altered crew.

Landscape Altered is being made in collaboration with Kai Neville, whose Modern Collective project has earmarked him as one of the world's leading surf filmmakers, and will feature six webisodes to be shown on kustomairstrike.com.