Kut-U-Up Rocks The Campaign Tour

Hi, I’m Chris Cote, I’m the editor for TransWorld SURF. When I’m not writing awesome articles and getting tubed with Andy Irons, I’m usually playing bass in a band called Kut U Up. You can check us out in Taylor Steele’s new movie Campaign. We play the song that world champ Andy Irons surfs to. Good choice, Taylor. Anyway, we got invited to play some shows on the Campaign tour of California. Four days, and four nights of rock and roll.


Our tour started in Hollywood, we didn’t actually play there but we went there and rocked the big Hollywood-style movie premiere party at the Ivar. We all walked right past the long line (mostly filled with friends) and ducked under the rope, directly on to the “Blue Carpet. This was Kut U Up’s first paparazzi experience and we looked really good, even though we forgot to plug our big movie “Riding In Vans With Boys (set to be released on Dreamworks, December 2, 2003). The party was just starting when we got there but after about an hour, it was brimming with celebs, fine women, surf stars, and freaks. You can read the Casey Koteen’s story online. He has better recollection of the night. I was the MC for the evening and that was great because I got to talk to Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Bruce Willis. The night was a hurricane but when it passed, we woke up in San Francisco at the Phoenix Hotel.After sleeping all day we showed up at the next premiere. It was at a club called The Elbo Room. We rocked that show like a tornado and made the crowd our slaves. After the show we went back to the hotel and just happened to run into three different bands that were staying there. That was a fun all-night hotel party. Way better than the one Chingy and Snoop were at.


A long shitty drive later and we were in Ventura. The show was all right, but the real treat was following Keith Malloy to Tex’s house and taking over. Tex (Johnny) was awesome! He let us have the run of the place and everybody had a great time, until the next morning when our heads felt like bags of bullshit.

The drive that day was horrible considering we had to drive all the way back up to Santa Cruz. Our driver Ryan was the real hero of the tour. A true legend who kept Kut U Up alive in a time of crisis.When we arrived in Santa Cruz we decided we were not going to play. We were wrecked after only three days of tour. Taylor Steele started making fun of us so we showed him by rocking harder than a bucking bronco. Yes we are an awesome band.After the last show, we had an awesome time driving eight hours in the rain from Santa Cruz to San Diego. The important thing is that we made it alive, thank you Ryan Wiley.


Thanks to the people who made it possible for us to destroy ourselves for a solid four days. Taylor Steele, Sam Yago, Poor Specimen, Atticus, Macbeth, Volcom, Fuel TV, Red Bull, and Rowboat Records.Check out more photos and funny stories on www.kutuup.com