Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have A Title Race!

As a fan of all the surfers on the world tour, I’m happy to say that the title race is still on! It would’ve been a shame for the big bang to have happened before all of us fans, watchers, and stalkers got our full fix of excitement. I’ll be brief in my explanation of what must now happen for either Kelly or Andy to win the title; this information comes directly from the source, Mr. Renato Hickel, WCT Tour Manager.

With Andy’s win in France (yeah A.I!), these are the possibilities for the next contest in Brazil. If Andy finishes 5th, Kelly will clinch the world title with even an equal 33rd. If Andy finishes 3rd, Kelly will need a 5th or better. If Andy gets 2nd, Kelly needs a 3rd to clinch the title. If both the masters of shred make the finals, Andy will need to win.

So no offense to Kelly, But hopefully, Andy will keep the dream alive and we all can sit on the edge of our beach chairs on the sand at the Banzai Pipeline and watch the two best surfers on Earth duel it out at the best spot to watch a contest on Earth.

Either way, this year will no doubt go down as the most exciting WCT since the epic duels between Occy and Curren in the 80s–if not even better!