Laird Hamilton tells TMZ menstruating women invite shark attacks; video

Shark craze is certainly still alive and well in Southern California at the moment, what with San Clemente beaches having been closed this past weekend.

TMZ caught up with the always outspoken Laird Hamilton in Malibu recently and got his thoughts on why there is so much shark activity right now in SoCal.

Did you catch that? Hamilton states, “The most common reason to be bitten is a woman with her period, which people don’t even think about that. Obviously if a woman has her period, there’s a certain amount of blood in the water.”

Sorry, Hamilton, but there’s no evidence to support that “theory.”

Vice’s Broadly chatted with Dr. Steve Kajiura of Florida Atlantic University’s Shark Lab last year and they found this: “Do sharks attack the menstruating more than other humans? ‘We don’t have evidence of that,’ Kajiura asserts.”

And Mother Jones found back in 2012 that the founder and executive director of the Shark Research Institute, Marie Levine, has been diving for years while on her period, with not one change in the sharks’ behavior because of it. “I’ve been diving for decades and even got my period while underwater with a school of hammerheads--the sharks were not interested and I had to fin like crazy to get close to them,” she told Mother Jones.

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