“Laird” Shows In La Jolla

Over 350 people showed up at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art last night to see some big surf. No one left disappointed.

Laird, produced by Blue Field Entertainment, brings Jaws tow-in surfing to the big screen. And as it does, it looks deep into what makes the often mysterious and misunderstood Laird Hamilton tick. Having already seen the movie at home I thought I knew what to expect, but seeing it on the big screen brought a new sense of scale and enormity. Laird is the man.


Poor Specimen, which is distributing Laird through its Steele House Distribution, organized the premiere with the Sundt Memorial Foundation, a non-profit group founded by Black’s local John Sundt that teaches drug prevention to kids. The Sundt Memorial gave free admission to the first 100 kids under fifteen. Those lucky kids also got an autographed poster from Laird, who was on hand with squeeze Gabrielle Reese. One luckier eleven year old also won an 8’7″ egg shaped by Laird’s father, legendary Bill Hamilton.

To sweeten the pot, Wahoo’s La Jolla kept movie-goers’ bellies full with some fish tacos before and after the premiere. “We just wanted to have a chance for everyone to get together, get some food, and have a good time,” says Poor Specimen’s Nino Camillo.

Laird is in stores now, or you can order it on poorspecimen.com. For more information on the Sundt Memorial Foundation, click here.