Last Words – Herbie Fletcher

Last time you sideslipped into a barrel while hanging ten: Last weekend in front of my house-backside, too.

Last Dibi (Mrs. Fletcher) painting you loved: She’s doing some great nudes right now. All the guys want to come over and check out the model.

Last family photo the Fletchers took: Probably a couple Christmases ago, but Christian had everyone flipping off the camera.

Last famous person you hung out with: Julian Schnabel in New York.

Last movie you did commentary for: In The Groove, a longboard movie.

Last record you bought: People usually send ’em to me, but last time I was in Maui I picked up some Cream and Blind Faith.

Last trip to New York: The weekend before the Teahupo’o contest started. The waves were firing down there, and I was pissed.

Last camera you bought: A Canon 1V.

Last time someone asked you for a free traction pad: Shit, that’s a constant, but they aren’t free!

Last autograph you signed: A couple nights ago at a sushi bar.

Last thing you remember from the 60s: I got married December 30, 1969-that was a good night.

Last time you spanked Christian: I never spanked him-I slapped him once, though, and we ended up wrestling. I had to throw him off me because he never gives up.

Last helicopter spin you did: Last weekend.

Last photo you took: This morning at Churches.

Last time you were called grandpa: Hardly ever-my grandson calls me Herbie.

Last date you went on: Last weekend-dinner and a movie.

Last book you read: The Bob Dylan Chronicles.

Last time you surfed with Nathan: The last time he came over.

Last movie you saw: Dirty Harry-it was really funny.

Last time you surfed Pipeline: December 2004.

Last time you got pitched: Last weekend.

Last Astrodeck group shot you did: Probably ten years ago with Andy, Bruce, the Lopez brothers, Strider, and a bunch of other guys in front of the Pipe house. Those are hard to do.

Last great meal you ate: In New York at a sushi joint-New York’s got great food.

Last new band you loved: I haven’t heard any new bands I like-I’m mostly into the blues. You can put Jimi Hendrix, though.

Last board you shaped: Three or four years ago I shaped a board for Takuji Masuda. He became the Japanese longboard champ on it.

Last family vacation the Fletchers took: Japan in ’93. It was pretty crazy-Christian made it to the airport right before we left and barely got on the plane. He was out getting tattoos all night.

Last time you saw Marvin Foster: A couple years ago at Pipe. He was on our first Astrodeck shirt doing a lay forward-that was a big deal back then.

Last time you were afraid: I don’t put myself in that situation anymore.

Last time you went to church: This morning-I went surfing at Churches. It’s the holy temple of consciousness.

Last car you bought: A Tahoe, man. I like to throw surfboards, snowboards, camera gear, and all kinds of stuff in there.