Last Words Lisa Andersen

Last time you slept under the HB Pier: Never-only under a bench in Newport.

Last time you got stitches:

Last year in Indo-thirteen stitches in the forehead.

Last real job you had: What’s a “real” job?

Last time you surfed with your daughter: A long time ago in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Last time your house got hit by a hurricane:

Last summer we got hit three times back-to-back. I lost some of my roof, and my car was totaled.

Last dance session: That would’ve been at the Roxy Pro in Newquay, England in May 2005.

Last kiss: Santa Monica, California, July 21, at 12:30 p.m.

Last heartbreak: Santa Monica, California, July 21, at 12:30 p.m.

Last surf session: Lance’s Right, July 2005.

Last surfer girl you were impressed with: Coco Ho at the U.S. Open Juniors.

Last time you were called a MILF: The

Last time you told me, Justin (editor’s note: July ’05).

Last contest you surfed in: Roxy Pro Gold Coast, 2004.

Last time you felt like someone was looking out for you: All the time, every day.

Last magic surfboard you broke: Two months ago in Sumatra, a 5’10” Al Merrick.

Last hangover: Just

Last Tuesday. Rochelle, Holly, and I went to Duke’s for a few.

Last good advice you received: Be happy and smile!

Last good advice you gave: To Rochelle, about relationships and love.

Last time you were glad you’re a woman: Every second!

Last Roxy promotion you got: I started two months ago as global branding ambassador. Yeah!

Last date you went on: I haven’t dated in six years.

Last autograph on a male body part you signed: I believe at the U.S. Open-I signed a guy’s belly button.

Last time you got tubed: Lance’s Right in July ’05.

Last you were asked out by a fan: U.S. Open promo on Main Street in July.

Last great surf trip you went on: June-July to Indo with Chels, Sof, Megs, Kassia, and Kula.

Last item you bought at Victoria’s Secret: Very sexy thong with matching bra.

Last excellent meal you had: Duke’s

Last weekend-sashimi and rice.

Last hot guy you saw: They’re really hard to find.

Last person you admired: I admire my friends at Roxy who I work with every day.

Last laugh: When I read your questions for me to answer.

Last guilty pleasure: Pigged out on Lindt dark chocolate at midnight

Last night-I finished it off.

Last hug you gave: To my son-we hug every day.

Last book you read: The Saint, The Surfer, And The CEO.

Last time you were scared: I’m scared of spiders-any spiders!

Last great movie you saw: Million Dollar Baby-epic, sad, and beautiful.

Last compliment you gave: “I like your shoes,” to my friend Tori.

Last car you bought: 2002 Mercedes ML.