Last Words Rob Machado

Last time you were called Mouse: The last time I surfed Dabbers.

Last great meal you had: My wife cooks me a great meal every night.

Last ceramic piece you made: I made a clay imprint of my daughter’s hands and feet.

Last Ping-Pong loss you suffered: A 60-year-old Chinese dude whom I nicknamed “Master Yoda” destroyed me at the Del Mar Recreation Center.

Last jam session: Ted the drummer, Jon Swift, and myself at Ted’s cave.

Last Jon Swift sighting: At Waddell Creek for the “Rip My Shred Stick Tour”-he was ripping.

Last surf with Ronnie and Rusty Phillipy: It’s been a while, but I mind-surf waves every day knowing that they’re doing that somewhere, too.

Last widget performed: That’s all I do.

Last Pipe barrel: During the Monster Energy Pro in February.

Last tandem surf with your daughters: Macy caught her first wave a couple days ago at Cardiff Reef, and Rose actually told me to beat it and went solo for a few.

Last time your house was bulldozed: November 2004-I’m still waiting to move in.

Last sponsor pickup: Honda. They gave me a kick-ass Aqua Trax.

Last book you read: Everybody Poops.

Last movie you saw: The Math Circus or Motorcycle Diaries.

Last time you surfed with Slater: I surfed with Slade the other day at a secret spot just north of Malibu-he’s pretty good.

Last photo you took: I just got some photos back of my two daughters with their great grandparents-good stuff.

Last diaper you changed: I’m changing one right now.

Last concert you went to: Jack Johnson at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

Last guitar you bought: A 1967 Martin acoustic.

Last surfboard you shaped: A 5’8″ single fin. It goes straight really fast.

Last song you played: Sweet Rose by Matt Costa-Rose loves it.

Last time you played indoor soccer: I think I retired after Momentum 2 came out. We won the championship and went out on top.

Last time you were heartbroken: When my grandma passed.

Last person you looked up to: My mom and dad. They just went white-water rafting in 40-degree water, and they’re in their sixties-that’s good stuff.

Last fight you were in: I’m a lover not a fighter.

Last big project you took on: Living.

Last time you tried something new: I ate pork intestine filled with pork blood. I didn’t know that until after I ate it. It was pretty good-imagine that.

Last time you were in awe: At the Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach checking out Thomas Campbell’s art.

Last movie you hated: The Beach.

Last time you threw up: March 2005 in the hospital-food poisoning.

Last time someone asked you to do something really lame: The interview with Akmed Akmed in Fair Bits when he asks me to say, “I’m Kelly Slater-go extreme org!” I thought it was really lame until I finally figured out that it was a joke.

Last autograph signed: Today at the mechanic.

Last date you went on: A long time ago-my wife doesn’t think that’s very cool.

Last car you bought: A 1997 Ford Expedition.

Last time you missed being on the WCT: 1992.