Last Words: Taylor Knox

Last session: This morning-I surfed in Oceanside (California). Super fun, peaky, four- to five-foot.

Last air you made: Yesterday at Ponto (Carlsbad, California) I did a frontside air. No grab. I’d like to say it was big, but it wasn’t. I’d like to say it was a ten-footer, but it was more like three.

Last fight you were in: Verbal or physical? I’ve actually never been in a fistfight if that’s what you mean.

Last book you read: The Keelee by Ron Rathbun. I read it because I want to be a better person.

Last surf video you watched: Campaign-I rewind Kelly’s part and watch it over and over.

Last song you loved: Pearl Jam’s “Down”-it gets me up. That’s ironic, huh?

Last time you laughed: Earlier today-I was tickling Hunter and Jordan, my kids.

Last meal you ate: Thai food-Panang curry, super spicy.

Last car you bought: A Ford F-150 FX4, power everything-you know how I do it.

Last time you cried: I think it was during a sad movie, maybe Hurricane. I don’t cry that much.

Last time you threw up: I went out with my brother, Micah. He was smart and drank beers-I was stupid and drank martinis. We laughed, we stayed out late, I threw up, a lot.

Last trip you were on: Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe with a friend. Oh, and I just went snowboarding in Mammoth, too.

Last time you were nervous: Going to the hospital with my friend.

Last time you yelled at someone: I try not to do that. I put it out of my mind. You know, I’m trying to forget that I yelled at someone.

Last album you bought: The new Pinback album (Summer At Abaddon). It’s a great album, I really like it.

Last magazine you read: The new Sporting News, and the new TransWorld SURF. I love your magazine.

Last car wreck you were in: I was sixteen years old in my dad’s work truck. Before that I was in a car wreck when I was six-I got 200 stitches in my face.

Last good advice you gave: I told my other brother Adam not to make decisions when he was angry.

Last thing you stole: I stole a Matchbox car from K-Mart. I think that was in first grade. I got caught. I was a bad thief, so that was the end of my criminal career.

Last time you were inspired: Today playing with my kids. They live in the moment-I wish I could do that.

Last time you were injured: Actually today. I did the splits on my surfboard and nailed myself in the groin.

Last DVD you bought: Ray-an amazing movie.

Last person you looked up to: Trevor Hoffman (pitcher for the San Diego Padres). He’s a solid citizen.

Last gift you gave: Love to my friends and family.Gift you got for yourself: I got a rock with special powers from my daughter.

Last lie you told: I missed a dentist appointment. I told them I was in traffic, but I was really surfing-is that a bad lie? I don’t really think so.

Last board you broke: I fall down and go boom at Off The Wall.

Last time you punched your computer: Trying to send an e-mail to my friend Axl in France.

Last cup of coffee you had with Pat O: At his house in Hawai’i on December 17, 2004.

Last time you surfed Tamarack (in Carlsbad, California):

Last August. There’re not too many different shades of Tamarack, but I do have a place in my heart for it-not a big place, but it’s there.

Last time you were interviewed: I was just interviewed two weeks ago for the L.A. Times about the passing of David Nuuhiwa, Sr.

Last time someone called you Bonehead: Sunny called me that in Hawai’i this year-he’s a slow learner.