Last Words: Timmy Curran

Last country you visited: Oz.

Last contest you won: The Coors Light Classic, Silver Strand. LCT-Local Championship Tour. No money or points accepted.

Last meal you ate: Venti hazelnut soy latte and a banana bran muffin. Thanks to Starbies.

Last time you were in awe of someone: My dad’s bunker shot at Moorpark Country Club.

Last time you felt alone: Right now.

Last book you read: The Case For Christ.

Last museum you visited: The Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.

Last time you were afraid: When the liger was loose in Moorpark.

Last time you were nervous: Brentwood Brewing Company.

Last time you yelled at someone: I’m not a yeller.

Last person to have a profound effect on your life: My wife, Shanoah.

Last good advice you received: When Shanoah said, “Put on your seat belt.”

Last good advice you gave: I told my dad when we were golfing, “You can do it.”

Last time you were injured: Two years ago, a blow to the meniscus on my left knee from doing a turn.

Last movie you loved: Napoleon Dynamite.

Last gift you gave: Do flowers and a note count?

Last gift you got: A rhyming dictionary from my friend Dan Malloy.

Last time unexpected money came your way: About two months ago when Momentum Surf Shop told me two of the retro boards that I shaped actually sold.

Last luxury item you bought for yourself: A nylon-string acoustic guitar I bought myself in Oz.

Last magic board: A 5’10” Al Merrick K Model.

Last lie you told: I’d be lying if I told you.

Last time you attended church: Last weekend.

Last time you were home for over a month: I’ve just now been home for a month, and it feels good.

Last autograph you signed: At The Game in San Diego.

Last time you were embarrassed: I was embarrassed today when Nathaniel-my little brother-put tape on my bumper that said “Tim Curran.” I drove for quite a while with it on there.

Last time you were disappointed: Last WCT (Bells Beach) after waiting around for nine days with no waves and then getting a 33rd. That was time well spent …

Last time you played guitar: Today.