Lee Wilson wins Padang contest in perfect tubes

Padang Padang is a small chunk of reef a couple miles down from Uluwatu, on the tip of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula. While not nearly as long as some of the other waves in the area, such as Ulus, Bingin, etc., and notoriously fickle, needing a massive swell to break, Padang has become known as the closest thing Bali has to Pipeline. A handful of Balinese tube-riders and imported Hawaiian Pipeline specialists will wait all season for a big enough swell to light up the reef at Padang. When it’s breaking, they are on it.

Rip Curl has taken the Eddie Aikau Invitational approach to holding a contest there.
“It’s on when It’s on.”
32 International invitees and the holding period is over a month during the peak season for Bali, which is right now.

After several ‘almost’ days of swell, the event finally was a GO over the weekend. Local Lee Wilson took out an epic final, beating Anthony Walsh, Bol, and Mustofa Jeksen. Wilson is actually half Australian, half Balinese, so to win in Bali is a proud day for the young regularfoot.